You see that a lock down is going on in most places all over the word.Because an epidemic like corona  has spread in every country.Many people are infected with the corona virus.Some of those infected are being put on ventilators.
         People who are having a lot of difficulty in breathing.
    What is  ventilator.?.

            The ventilator is a device that Provides oxygen to the patient with a mild pressure.

When a patient has trouble breathing and
When breathes quickly and there is a lack of oxygen in his body. The infected person is then placed on a ventilator.

Ventilator work
The ventilator works by giving him oxygen to the covid-19 infected person.
The ventilator does not allow the windpipe to close.
Use of multimeters is not just for people suffering from corona Rather, people suffering from other diseases are also done.
People who have trouble breathing.
The ventilator also provides heat and moisture to oxygen for the infected person.  
               Use in covid-19           
The corona virus is going full speed in this word the whole way.The effect of this virus is happening very rapidly on the lungs.Due to this, there has been a lot of difficulty in breathing and exhaling.  
Due to which death is happening very fast in every country.
           The ventilator is proving very helpful in this epidemic.

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