How to pay BSNL landline bill
How to pay BSNL landline bill


how to Bsnl Online pay bill landline and Broadband, if you want landline phone bill.

Don’t worry If you are worried that how to pay phone bill That too landline phone. And pay also broadband BSNL . We can pay landline phone bill by Paytm and  phonepe, Google pay etc.
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Some important thing.

  1. You must have an account number for your landline phone.
  2. You must remember your BSNL landline phone number with STD code.    

I tell you where to get the account number of the landline number?  Then you will be able to submit your BSNL landline phone bill.

You will have an old bill of your BSNL number.
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As you can see in this local bill, where is the account number? And  phone number with STD code. 
So friend I will tell you  how to  pay BSNL landline bill.


First of all download the app phonepe. Go to the Play Store and write the phone pay in writebox. After that download the app after that install and sign up.You must know to sign up. If no please comments me.
Click on app phonepe. after that
Click on landline
   When will you click on phonepe app then you will see this type screen  and she also landline option. Which I have shown in the picture in the yellow box. So you will click on *landline* option .  After that 
      You will see this type screen.

And  You will see BSNL at the top. Which I have shown in this picture in the yellow  box. After that then click on BSNL. After that you will  see this type picture .

Than put account number and telephone number
First write the account number and then write the telephone number.
I hope you can see definitely online BSNL bill. After that you can pay landline bill
You can pay landline bill also Paytm. 
Jest like that  you will work on Google pay
Thank you.

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