What is mobile | about mobile phone | interesting fact of mobile phone
What is mobile | about mobile phone | interesting fact of mobile phone

Mobile is a device that is wireless, which we used to talk from one place to another. Today we have some interesting things about mobile and tell about the history of mobile.

What is mobile | about mobile phone | interesting fact of mobile phone

 The mobile was made by Metrola Company. Metrola Company was the first company to make mobile which was made in 1973, the weight of this mobile was about 2 kg. Mobile was invented in America by Martin Cooper in 1928. Metrola’s first mobile was named Metrola Dynatec 8000X.
 Now let us tell you about the type of fat fat mobile.

 Cell Phone

 When Metrola launched its phone in the company, where did that phone go to the cell phone, this phone could only talk to it, meaning that it could be called and received. You could text and receive messages, you could read. Cell phones of that time used to be just that

 Feature Phone

 Gradually, companies changed cell phones to feature phones, which means that at this time many companies started making mobile phones, along with calling, MP3 songs and MP4 video songs could be heard in this mobile phone. And Bluetooth started coming in this feature phone. And some games too. You will remember that in the early days of mobile, the Nokia company had the highest number of runs and sales, only the name of the company was in it. The Nokia company had given MP3 and video songs in its mobile and games to play. You will remember that in those days there was a snake game in mobile. Mobile phones were those feature phones.

 Smart Phone

 After feature phones came the era of smartphones. After the first feature phone, the smartphone was launched by the HTC company, it was a Taiwanese company and it launched its smartphone in 2009, which was estimated to be priced around ₹ 30000.
 Smartphones had everything we had never imagined before. The smartphone is based on the Android base and even today Android based smartphones come in the best selling.

 Some interesting facts related to mobile

1. A model 1100 from the mobile company Nokia was the world’s best-selling mobile.
 2. The first company to provide camera in mobile was Sharp Company of Japan, it gave camera in mobile in the year 2000.
 3. Smartphone is such a device that we would not have thought about 50 years ago that we can do so much with this device that we are doing today.
 4. People who get addicted to mobile, those people get a disease called nomophobia.
 5. 90% of mobiles are made waterproof in Japan.

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