Tips to prevent hacking
Tips to prevent hacking

How can we protect our mobile from being hacked?

You must be hearing every day that someone’s mobile has been hacked. Or his data was stolen. Someone’s Facebook account got hacked. In today’s time, the problem of mobile hacking is increasing day by day. The reason for this is also that we are connected to the Internet.

 We have become addicted to mobile and internet, we use internet in mobile, laptop, so much that now we are addicted to mobile and internet and because of this addiction we make some mistakes in our device. Because of which our mobile gets hacked. And our data gets stolen.

Some tips to prevent hacking

 Let us tell you that if you do not want your mobile to be hacked, then you should follow some of the methods mentioned by us and you can avoid mobile hacking.

 Stay away from tempting links

 Often you will see that whenever you open a website, somewhere you will see that you see a tempting link like free internet data, earn money in 1 hour, some such links are available where there are offers. If you stay away from the link of this method, otherwise what will happen is that your mobile data will be stolen, your screen will become black, due to this your chances of getting your mobile hacked become more.

 Don’t give data permission

 Whenever you download any app. So while installing the app it asks you for cookies. Meaning that he asks permission from you. In which you have to give that permission. Otherwise it will not be installed in your mobile. So you have to keep in mind that you do not download any app in which you are not aware.
 Otherwise you will get your mobile data stolen.

Avoid free Wi-Fi

 If you used to use free wifi till now. So be careful now. You already know that people are caught in greed. Often given in websites. That free wifi and anywhere your mobile wifi connects. That too free, then you should travel so that you do not use free internet anywhere. Because even using free internet increases the chances of your mobile being hacked. So don’t fall for the lure of free wifi.

 Update the application.

 The applications that come with your mobile should always be updated. And you also keep this in mind. Whether the software update has come in your mobile or not. If it has come, it should be updated from time to time. We all companies keep providing security updates from time to time. By which the security of your mobile remains
 Now let us tell you one more thing that the Nokia company is giving the most security updates after the iPhone.
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