How to sale old inverter and other device on OLX
How to sale old inverter and other device on OLX

How to sell old inverter? How to sell old any  device? From house,

If you want sell any device or old inverter so don’t worry , today I will tell you some type for sell , Which can easily sell any device from your home. But I will tell you how to sell inverter.

Following are the methods of selling old inverters and other devices can also be sold through these methods.  Without any problem even from his home.

1. OLX-

      OLX is an online platform where old items are sold. This is a website.On this side you can sell any object.  Whether old or not, you can also keep its price according to your wish. This side, this side open  your browser, firstly sign this website. On this site you have to create your account first.  If you can’t create an account then comment me.  I will help you. Then you have to provide your location. after that open the type page 
After that blow see write sell   .
Than click on sell .
After that click on sale.
Then you will see some options. Click on electric and application, after that you will see open a new page, after that click on kitchen and other application,  after that you will see a new page ,In which you will have to fill this page. First option
 1. Title 

 Name of the item you want to sell in the title, for example inverter, aur other device.
2. Description
     In the description, you have to give how the object is.  No one is broken.  About colour, about feature, how old is. For example, I tell you description of inverter.
        My inverter is from Philips Company and is 2 years old. It is 1 kilo watt.  There is no shortage inside it.  I have to take 2 kilowatt . That’s it
3. Price
       you can tell your price.  How much is the price. Type your price.
          It is not that the prize you sell will be sold in that much.  The prize may also have to be reduced and the person taking it can also keep his price comment through.

2. By shop

      Whatever item you want to sell, you will go to the shop which is that item. Suppose the object is the inverter. I will go to electric shop. I will talk to  shopkeeper. I want to sell my inverter. Then reply shopkeeper yes or no. If the answer come in no that you should go another shop. So You can talk to that shopkeeper and sell to the inverters, but only the shopkeeper will tell your price.
              You can sell any product example inverter, mobile, furniture etc.

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