How to do update system android play store | what do we need to update.
How to do update system android play store  why update is needed


How to do update system android play store | why update is needed

You must have heard about your mobile update or you must have updated your mobile. This is a smartphone. There are many problems faced in updating mobile. We will tell you why the mobile is updated and why this update keeps coming.

    Why Update Smartphone

What actually happens is that whenever an app is made, coding is done to make it, only through that coding, option image tax in any application, all these are created in the application only by coding and a lot of that coding Due to the loss of data, that application comes in the form of MB or GB.
We tell you why this update comes now because whenever an application is running in our mobile or is there, then the company of the application keeps working on that application because of giving some new facility on that application, that means in the application. That company keeps coding on that app to add something new.
When the company gives some new facility in that app, then updates start coming in every mobile to bring that facility to all the mobiles so that the new facility which has come inside that app can know everything about that facility and Mobile companies keep giving updates from time to time so that the facility can come in your mobile too.

Mobile update comes in two types.

1. You will get repeated messages from the Play Store asking you to update the app. This means that the application which is in your mobile. Have to update them.
2.  The second Android asks for an update, meaning you have to go to the settings and update the system. You must have heard that Android new update has come, Android 10 update has come or Android 11 update has come.

First let me tell you how to update the application

 First of all we will go to our play store. After that, on the right hand side, you will either have your photo above or there will be a place to put the photo. There you will click. You will see it   manage apps and device.
Then click on it then you will see it will be written  update available .
So you can update the application in this way

 How to system or Android version update

How can you update your system, first of all you will turn on the setting of your mobile, after that you will write in the search bar above your setting. Update or system update then you will see the option below system update, click on it. So your mobile means that your system will be updated. This will also happen when a new update has come in your mobile or else it will not happen.

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