Side Effects Of Mobile Phones And Towers Overuse Of Mobiles Is Dangerous
Side Effects Of Mobile Phones And Towers Overuse Of Mobiles Is Dangerous

Today we are going to tell about the side effects of mobile. You must be aware that in today’s time, every country is trying to make it digital. In today’s time, digital devices are being used everywhere in every country, mobile computers are the main in these devices. For this reason, today’s youth has become addicted to mobile and internet, which is very dangerous for the body of internet and mobile addiction.
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Symptoms of mobile addiction

        If you check the mobile before going to bed and check it again after waking up, while talking to friends, your mobile repeatedly sees your notification, you see something else, keep the mobile with you at bedtime when you are discharged.  If you feel restless inside then understand that you are addicted to mobile.     

effecte on body

   Mobile addiction also affects your body.  For example, you may suffer from diseases like ears, neck pain, finger pain, nervousness, restlessness. Similarly, we tell you about some mobile addiction research.
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When people get addicted to mobile internet laptop digital devices, then they take them to digital detox.


Digital detox is an Internet device discharge center where no device is forbidden to use, and neither can use the Internet. We will tell you further about where digital detox camps are.

           Digital detox brings people who suffer from nomophobia and fomo 

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    nomophobia:-  Symptoms of Nomophobia such as fear of not having a mobile phone, fear of battery discharge and irritability when going outside the internet coverage area.

    Fomo :- fear of missing out (fomo) 

This means that people begin to understand that they will not know the outside world without mobile.

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To get rid of such addiction, our camps have started opening in countries, which we call digital detox. Let us tell you about some digital detox camps.


   China:-   People of China are giving about $ 9000 to ₹ 600000 to get rid of mobile and internet addiction.  Here, military training is kept busy.   

  California in America :-  There are different ways to get rid of this addiction.  Where people have fun.  Talk to each other, play games.

   South Korea :- It has the highest internet usage here compared to the whole world.  The number of digital detox comps is increasing here.
   Britain :-  People of this country are also resorting to digital detox.  In Britain, 34 percent of people have tried to stay away from the Internet for 1 month on their own by getting upset with the net, while 15 million people have tried to stay away from the Internet.  16% believed that she chose a place for vacation where there is no internet.

  1.  According to Time magazine, 68% people keep mobiles with them at bedtime.  20% people check their mobile every 10 minutes.
  2. According to Pew Research, 44% of people keep their mobile near their pillow.
  3. According to public library of science, The more time people spend on Facebook, the more upset they are in their real life.
During the treatment, a psychiatrist survey found that only 15% of the people used in mobile use.
    According to Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Science, these companies do not give the correct report of radiation.  These studies do not reach any conclusion either.  Or tell about weak research.

    Israel’s hadassah medical center professor, Doctor Debra Davis, says

       A person talks 6 minutes.  Which half of his mouth becomes red.  m.r.i.  I can know you.  How much can happen when using the phone for a long time.

  Debra Davis’s speech was given at a program at Melbourne University.

    Debra Davis’s says.  That mobile radiation increases the risk of cancer.  In addition, sperm count is also less in men.  And women who are pregnant.  The effect of radiation on their baby also happens.  That the baby’s head may be small at birth.  Or it may also suffer from hyperactivity.  

Benefits of mobile

    Mobile has a huge advantage in today’s world.  Which is not possible without you.  Mobile has also saved 10.  The works which were done 30 years ago by letter.  So those tasks took time.  But today does not take time.  Now all the work is started from mobile.  For example, in order to work in banks, it had to be in lines.  But today, work with it, we can do it from our mobile.  Someone has to give information somewhere.  So let’s use mobile.  With the help of this mobile, we can find our device and any person or sister.  Where he is.  Which sounds via GPS.  The whole world is in his fist in mobile.  We can do whatever we want.  With mobile, we get a lot of work done.  In olden times, we used to read stories.  Like that of Alauddin’s lamp.


  Source- zee news dna test

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