How to fix screen touch problem
not work screen touch

Often you have seen that the screen touch of your new mobile does not work, due to which you go to a mechanic or you can complement the company that owns your mobile, but I will tell you some tips today, due to which maybe Your screen touch starts working.

How to fix mobile screen touch

By the way, you already know that mobile has become a part of our life, without which it can be very difficult to live now. All our needs are about 30%, what we want for the lifestyle or physical thing that we want is now happening through mobile.

Now let us tell you without delay that there are some important things about how you can correct the screen touch of the mobile.

Dust in mobile charging point

You should always keep your charging point clean. Sometimes what happens is that when the charging point gets dusty, then your screen touch stops working, it should be cleaned from time to time, but keep in mind the charging point is clean While either the mobile switch is off or if its battery can drain, then the battery should be removed only then clean your charging point, that too with a very soft brush.

Remove screen guard of your mobile

Sometimes what happens is that the air between the screen guard and the main screen fills. Due to which the screen touch does not work. Which once check your screen guard before going to any mechanic. That there is no air in the middle of it. Or the screen card may start to work in case it is removed from the screen guard.

Mobile hang screen touch does not work.

Sometimes what happens when your mobile hangs. So your screen touch does not work at that time. What you click on does not happen. It goes somewhere else. This means that we want to do something else but it becomes something else. So you have to first switch off your mobile. Then after 5 minutes turn on the mobile and turn off all notifications of your mobile and also stop running your background app. After that your mobile screen touch can work.

Factory reset mobile.

Sometimes what happens is that the mobile you are hanging or the mobile has more apps or your mobile has more Tata or some virus has come. In that case we factory reset the mobile. After resetting the factory, keep the mobile switched off for 5 minutes. After that, turn on again, your mobile will definitely work and the screen touch will also run smoothly.

Install antivirus.

Install antivirus in your mobile. Try that you buy antivirus and not free antivirus. Free antivirus works very rarely, so buy antivirus and install it in your mobile, it will not allow any crypt files in your mobile to come into the mobile.

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