How to clean my mobile phone without any apps
How to clean my mobile phone without any apps  

Clean my mobile phone without any apps  

In today’s time, there are many things in everyone’s mobile, extra file app, photo video, which we want to delete but for some reason we just can’t. Because of this, our mobile hangs, runs hot or any app does not work. Then in such a situation we use the app for mobile or use any antivirus app. But what is happening is that when we have hang problem in mobile, then we download any app which can clean our mobile. 

 But on the other hand there is also a fear that our mobile data may not be stolen. Because nowadays a lot of fraud is going on, in this situation we should use the app very carefully. Otherwise we may have to suffer a great loss. Mobile has become such a device without which it is almost difficult to survive.

To overcome such a problem, we are telling you a method by which your mobile will be cleaned manually. And you will not even have to download any app because this app is available in almost 99% of all mobiles. And the name of this app is Google Files 

Google File

Perhaps many people must have known about this app. For those who do not know, I want to help in this, my purpose is also through the site I can help people.

First of all, go to the Play Store of your mobile and download the Google Files app, if it is not in your mobile. After downloading the app, you will open that app.

After opening the app, you will see three options at the bottom in which the first will be the clean option, the second browser, the third share, then after you click on the clean, you will have a screenshot of this method, now tell me there is a very good thing in this, you can select the data in it. You can delete it. This app will help you to delete your data and to recognize that this data is of your use. 

This app will help you to delete your data and to recognize that this data is of your use.

This app will also give you suggestions to clean your device. And you can clean your phone accordingly.

This app will tell you how many files are duplicate in your smartphone or your device, you can mark those files and hit delete. 

It will also show you how many junk files are in your files that you can clean.

You can’t even imagine how useful it is for you, maybe it will help you so much now that you can’t even imagine it. Divides your files into different parts, which makes it very easy for you to understand, due to which you can easily clean the mobile, understand and know which file is useful for you is.

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