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what should i do my phone is very slow

what should i do my phone is very slow
what should i do my phone is very slow


We all buy mobiles, that smartphone runs fine for a few days, after that it starts working slow. And we keep fighting with that. Because we do not know the way to correct it, due to which we keep running the smartphone as it is running. 


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If your phone is slow then follow this method

So don’t worry about this problem today. We will give you some such tips. Due to which you will be able to correct your mobile or smartphone.

Extra Notification Off

First of all, you will go to the settings of your mobile, after that the setting page will open, then in its search bar, you will write app notifications, after that you will see the complete list of apps. Some notifications will be kept on and some notifications will be off. But what you have to do is get the notification you need. Just keep it on and turn off all other notifications.

Storage Space

After that, you have to make space in your storage, that means all the extra files that will not be used, those files have to be deleted from your storage, try to save all the files in it by putting external storage.

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

If the number of apps in your smartphone is more then due to this also your mobile will run slow because the number of your apps can run according to your RAM.  You will have to delete or uninstall all those apps that are not used in your mobile.

Use website instead of application

In today’s time, the use of mobile laptop smartphones is very high, you must be seeing that the need of laptop is also increasing day by day in today’s time. For this reason, many websites have apps and they are running side by side, but in smart phones most of the people use the app and on laptops most of the websites are used, 

then some which are such apps. Where we come to do the same work on the website. And do the same work on the app, then in such a situation I would say that you use the website. Uninstall the app. This will have less effect on your love. So if there is such an app in your mobile that we can run the work from the website, then install such apps and use the website instead.

 Are the data cables shot? 

Sometimes what happens is that our data cable is about to  not shot. If there is a shot, then it should be replaced immediately. Because your mobile can also be slow due to data cable.

Operating System Update

Your mobile gets updates from time to time. This should be taken care of. You type your settings in the search bar ‘Software Update, Or you are given a message from the software. So if you don’t update. then your phone will run slow


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