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how to data recover | delete data from Iphone | android

 Today I am going to tell you a very important thing about mobile data. Do not ever make this mistake. how to data recover from mobile . 


how to data recover
how to data recover 

how to data recover

mobile data recover

There is no country in our world where there is no cyber crime. This is due to data theft. Cybercrime is increasing day by day . Whenever a mobile becomes dead, its memory bank has all its data which is taken from the data recover lab.

This data is recovered so that no one steals your data. We should also pay attention to the fact that we do not sell our old mobile to anyone. Even if you sell, you sell only after deleting all your data.

how to data recover in lab-

Whenever your mobile is dead, your data is important. So you can bring it back. Or can recover. For that you will first have to go to the data recover lab. From where you can data recover your mobile . That mobile is switched on in the lab. Means that data is activated. And after activating that data is cloned and sent to another hard disk.

How to delete my mobile data –

If you change your mobile, then recover the data from your first mobile. After that delete the data of mobile .If you do not delete the mobile data , then you may have to suffer loss. Because your data can be stolen. There are two way to delete mobile data .

1. Logical deletion –

By delete the data in this way , the data is deleted but remains in the mobile . this means that we do not see that data but it stays in the mobile , it means that the data dose not die . Let us show you another way.

2. Physical deletion-

In this way the mobile data will be completely delete . After that the data will not be able to be recovered.

Whenever a mobile has to be changed , it recovers the of the old mobile and then deletes that data . It is often the case that we delete normal data , which easily recovers that data. Mostly make mistakes but now we should be careful that we do not leave any data in old mobile and delete it completely .


How to delete data in Iphone tell you . If you have an iphone. So we will delete the data of the iPhone in this way. We will go to the first setting of the phone. After going to settings, we will go to the reset option. After that in the reset option, you will see Erase All Content by going to this option, we will delete our data. In this way we can delete all the data of our phone. This is just for iPhone.

Setting – Reset – erase all content setting

this will delete all your data . And will not recover .


If you have an Android phone , then you will delete the in this way . If you have an Android phone, then we will go to the settings for it first. After going to Settings, we will go to Security. After going to security we will get encryption, click on ENCRYPTION and our data will start getting deleted, it will take some time.

setting – security – Encryption

While deleting data in Android, you have to keep your mobile on charging. This process takes some time. After that go to the settings of the phone and go to backup and reset. There will be factory reset option, after clicking on factory reset option, all data will be deleted from your mobile.

After that, data will not be recovered.

In this way we can tell our data from being stolen and we can stay away from cybercrime, our only effort is that we all can take advantage of what we know. And we will do data recovery from our old phone thank you

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