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How To Clean Battery In Car | Acid Battery | inverter battery

How to clean battery acid
And in car

Inverter battery how to clean


We need to clean the battery when carbon comes at the positive and negative point of the battery.  And the battery is not able to supply full current.  If the battery cell is full of garbage because often people open the battery cap while charging.  Then the battery also has to be cleaned to remove that waste.  After some time, the wires in the battery also get damaged, then they also have to be cleaned.
          That is why we need to clean the battery. Let us tell you how to clean the battery.

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Power off of inverters

We can clean the battery like this no matter what the battery is
We can clean the battery like this no matter what the battery is

First of all we have to turn off the power of the inverter.  The charging of the battery stops only after the inverter is powered off.  If you do not turn off the power of the inverter then it will be very dangerous for you to clean the battery.  Therefore, first turn off the power of the inverter.  After that, remove the switch in the output of the inverter. Now you have to see if there is any line other than the inverter and battery connected to the inverter or the battery.  If a wire is connected to an inverter or battery, it should also be disconnected.


2. Unscrew the battery wire net

Let me tell you what are the nets in the battery.  It is wired.  He cannot open by hand. For that, you have to bring 13 number and 14 number key.
When the nuts on the positive and negative points of the battery are opened, you will press the point with the other hand.  Otherwise a positive or negative point may break.

3. If you change the battery water also

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If the water of the battery has to be changed, then for that, the battery has to be taken in a place where the place is not useful.  Because the battery water completely spoils the floor.  So try to make the battery go out of the house and drop its water.

   keep in mind.  While draining the battery water, you have to be very careful to ensure that the water does not fall on your clothes or your body. Because the battery water is acid.
     So to remove the water from the battery, select the location accordingly.

4. Clean the negative positive point of battery

         Baking soda:-    Baking soda is required to clean the negative positive point of the battery.  Which we also call as eating soda.  Put two spoons of baking soda at the point of the negative and positive battery. A brus is required to clean the negative and positive point.  Whether it can also be a toothbrush.  After adding baking soda, pour some water over it.  Then he has to clean the point with a brush.  After that, the other point has to be cleaned in the same way.  And watered down.


5. If there is no baking soda, you can take hot water.

If you do not have food soda.  So you can use hot water.  You pour hot hot water at the negative and positive point and keep it clean with Bruce as well.  And by adding nut bolts to the battery in hot water, they will also be cleaned.

6. Fill water in battery

If the battery water has changed, then you have to put distilled water in it.  Distil water is to be poured as much.  Do not fill the water up to the top.  Have to keep it a little lower.  If the battery has a meter in each cell.  So fill only the green sign made in that meter.  Until the meter reaches the green sign.

After cleaning the battery, clean the battery from all sides with a bad cloth before putting it on the inverter again.  There should be no water around the battery.  After that you put Girish on the battery points.  As a result, carbon will not be applied to the negative and positive points of the battery for a long time.
               Make sure before placing the wire on the negative positive points of the battery.  Connect the positive point of the battery to the positive point of the inverter. And connect it from the negative point of the inverter to the negative point of the battery.
           If there is still a problem, then you can comment and tell me, I will be very happy to help you, thank you

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