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Types of cell-structure of cell



There are many organs in our body and the function of each organ is different.We are going to tell you about the cell today.We can compare a cell to a building made of bricks.The way a building is built by adding bricks, similarly a living room is created by adding cells.

  1. Cell

Just as bricks are constructed by adding bricks The cells are created by making them live. The unit of the building is brick, similarly the unit of living is cell.The shape of these cells is very complex.

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 2. Discovery of cell

Robert Hooke discovered the cell in 1665. Robert hooke observed slice of cork under a simple magnifier device . Cork is a part of the bark a tree.  He took some slice of cork and observe them under by microscope. He noticed partitioned boxes or compartments in the cork slice.

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 3. Number of cells

The number of cells in humans is in millions. Just like that also animal and tree . Therefore it is difficult to detected number of cell.
Organisms made of more than one cell are called multicellular organisms. Organisms that have only one cell are called unicellular.

4. Unicellular

Example of unicellular is amoeba and Paramecium.  Amoeba and Paramecium is unicellular organisms. A single called organisms all the necessary functions that multicellular organisms performer.
Amoeba and Paramecium image

5. Multicellular

     Organisms that have more than one cell.  They are called multicellular organisms. Example- humen ,elephant ,tree

6. safe  of cells 

The size of the cells is not fixed.  Therefore generally, cells are round . Spherical or elongated. Some cells are long  and pointed at both ends. They exhibit spindle shape.  Cells sometime are quite long .

8. Size of cell

Cells are very subtle. A cell can be smaller than 1 micrometer. And long  few centimetre. The smallest cell is in bacteria.
Smallest cell is 0.1 micrometre to 0.5 micro metre in bacteria. And the largest cell measuring 170 mm long and 130 wide, in egg of ostrich.
Tissues are made up of cells, which organs are formed?
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